Mandeep Saggi Criminal Lawyer Brampton
Hey, my name is Mandeep Saggi Criminal Lawyer Brampton and this is my portfolio. Mandeep Saggi has successfully defended clients against all criminal cases in the Ontario Court of Justice and the Superior Court of Justice. Saggi Law Firm is a reputable criminal defence law firm in Brampton. Criminal defence lawyer in Brampton Mandeep Saggi has been involved in high-profile criminal cases. Mandeep Saggi graduated from York University in 2007 with a Bachelor of Arts B.A. He obtained his Bachelor of Laws degree LL.B in 2009 from the University of Leicester in the UK, and articled for a Toronto Criminal Law Firm. As a criminal lawyer in Brampton Mandeep Saggi represents clients requiring counsel in a wide variety of matters from smaller-scale to complex criminal charges. Mandeep is a highly respected lawyer in the Brampton Court. He has successfully represented clients requiring criminal defence counsel in bail hearings, assault charges, drug offences, youth crimes, Impaired Driving ‘Drinking and Driving’, firearms and weapons, criminal harassment, and more complex criminal law matters. Saggi Law Firm prides itself in providing clients with high quality criminal defence and support during the utmost difficult time of one’s life that being when they are charged with a criminal offence. He is best known for his speedy responses and providing his direct line: +1 647-983-6720 available 24/7 for his clients, as well as his outstanding track record of meeting or exceeding the expectations in all sorts of criminal law matters. Well known among other Brampton Criminal Lawyers. Exclusively practicing criminal law with a proven success rate. Thousands of charges withdrawn. Saggi Law Firm has a Non-judgmental approach. Available 24/7.

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